Why India Eyeing on Lipulekh-Nepal Territory?

While the whole world is in backfoot because of Coronavirus, Our so-called very good neighbor India is eyeing and wants Nepal territory Lipulekh. This is the place which is in Nepal and touches three-country with two giants India and China. All the territory over there is situated in Nepal but India has a different thing in mind, they claim this border and just build the road there which connects holy place Kailash Mansarovar. Many tourists from both countries visit Kailash Mansarover which is situated in Tibet, China. Kailash Mansarover 6638 meter high from sea level thousands of Hindus start their yatra in very tough conditions and only to reach there by trekking for more than 15 days.

Tourism Factor and Militarized Border:-

Lipulekh is not only the first place and things India eyeing on. In Past, once they said Lord Gautam Buddha was born in India. The main reason India built roads in Nepal territory is to reach transport to Mansarovar. With the road link, to Mansarovar, it will help them to connect to china's border. India and China are two very big giants in Asia and Nepal is suffering from their behavior. India and China do not have good relationships that is why they both want more border connection for their security and in this matter, Nepal is suffering because they are powerful and they are doing whatever they want in Nepal territory.

All this happening inside our territory and our government are not showing any interest in this matter. Because all of them are corrupted and they do not have love and respect towards their Nation which is very sad and pity to say. Our so-called Primenister does not have any idea that India already built roads in Nepal territory. Our Defence minister did not know this until the news from the media. Such a shame for us, we voted them and choose this government to do the good thing and protect our country but everything is opposite here. They are selling our country for money and we are voting them, we are doing a great job and showing our responsibility toward our country.

We are very unlucky to have India as our neighbor country. Because they are not following the treaty which was signed when India was ruled by East India Company or the British government. We Nepalese never surrendered against them in any condition though we were very weak at that time. In the last condition, Bhimsen Thapa offered or exchange land between East India and Nepal which is also Known Sugauli Treaty. If India does not follow this treaty than we will get all of our land which was given to East India company in the Sugauli Treaty. we will easily accept this decision if India is not stepping back and stop all their activities.
Why India Eyeing on Lipulekh-Nepal Territory?
Greater Nepal Map

This is the actual map of Greater Nepal where we give most of the land to East India Company in the Sugauli Treaty. We have the right to fight for our land if India does not follow any treaty. All we have to do is change our corrupted government and their minister and hand over the nation to whom who loves this country more than himself. Nothing will happen with all these ministers and shitty government. The young generation has to understand this and we all have to stop voting all these corrupted ministers. We have to know who is right and capable of guiding this country on the right path. Youth can bring revolution and change the face of the country within a few years. The only thing we have to do is choose the right person if he or she is not capable of or doing their duties with full responsibility remove him or her. Everything is in our hands.

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