Success of First Gay Bar In Kathmandu....

Pink Tiffany Restaurant....this name carries lots of emotions, sacrifices and hidden depth stories. Today I will write the little part of the story all the struggle behind the success of the first legally opened gay bar in Kathmandu.

Logo of Pink Tiffany

In an underdeveloped country like Nepal, gender discrimination and unsuitable environment for the third gender are some of the common problems. Many people did not know the LGBTIQ people and community, their behavior, their wants that much, as I spend lots of time and worked with them, I know their feelings their emotions and gratitudes. I spend my two years with them and got to know how it feels to be with the LGBTIQ family.

Many people in my country have different feelings for them, even educated people have a different mindset towards them which is very shameful to say. My two years with them was amazing I learn many things from them, the best one is to be strong and keep positiveness in life. At the start, I was a little afraid because that was my first encounter with them. But today I missed them very much. If you did not spend your time with them you never know how good they are. Each and everyone is down to earth person, they will treat you good and respect you from the heart. We have to understand their feelings. They are many in the number who cannot come out and speak openly and they accept that they are one of the  LGBTIQ.  Many of them have a very hard life, they do not have any goals and they are surviving with many difficulties and tons of pain. To survive and to have food to eat they are doing prostitution which is not their choice, they are doing these things to survive. Because our society is not accepting them. 

Rise of Pink Tiffany Restaurant...there is a long story behind the success of Pink Tiffany and the unimaginable struggle of Transgender Women, She is brave, strong, clever or in one sentence "Beauty with the Brain" Meghna Lama, a good sister of mine with Beautiful soul and down to earth person, she is a role model to the teenagers of all community. She Owns this Pink Tiffany Restaurant which is very amazing to visit and the environment there you can't imagine, friendly people colorful dress, varieties of lights and the music you will get the vibe of heaven there. 

Wall Paint from Pink Tiffany

The success is not overnight, it takes lots of sleepless nights and unimaginable effort to make this name brand. She is different from others and has a different mentality which is why is on a different level. Meghna Lama this name is all over in the newspaper nowadays. She is a Model and already have tons of ramp walking experience. She is giving lots of opportunities for young and energetic who is searching for opportunities, Especially for LGBTIQ communities, she welcomed and always ready to help them. She very dedicated to her passion and she works for lots of NGOs and INGOs who are working for gender discrimination and help them out from problems and give a better life.

The charismatic, loveable, true leader and respected by every one Meghna Lama I wish you will have everything you want and more success in the coming days. Lots of love and wish you and Pink Tiffany good luck for present and the future, Stay blessed.

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