PI- The Future Of Cryptocurrency

PI- The Future Cryptocurrency: You all have heard Bitcoin once, yes the biggest and the strongest cryptocurrency which has amazing value in the eBussiness and in the emarket. People who collected bitcoin in the past is a millionaire now. Because One bitcoin equals more than Seven thousand dollars and the rate is increasing day by day. Lots of millionaires around the world converting their actual money into cryptocurrency. This is the safest way to keep your money on the digital platform.
PI- The Future Cryptocurrency

Now we have all new cryptocurrency in the market which is PI Network. PI Cryptocurrency is increasing slowly but strongly day by day in the market. More than One million users in just one year this growing bigger and bigger. You can easily mine this cryptocurrency by the official PI app. I will give you the link of the app below. A very easy and friendly app that will give you many options to increase your mine rate day by day. They have many rewards if you help developers of the PI. This is totally new to mine cryptocurrency through an app, any smartphone user can download the app and start mining easily just by opening the app.
PI- The Future Cryptocurrency

You can increase your mining rate by referring PI download link to your friends, family, and relatives. If you have 10 referral it will work like this:-

A*25% (0.39pi per hour+0.39), where A is referrals number here.

for example, you will be clear from here

10*25%*(0.39Pi per hour+0.39) Equal to (1.975 PI coins per hour)

This example surely makes one thing clear for you that more referrals you got more rate of mining per hour increase. The process of referring is very easy in-app where you can get the link in a single tap and share the link with various social media and platforms.
The current rate of Pi into the dollar is:- 1 Pi equals to  $0.16 Dollar. 
This is the current rate of pi but many people have already have many predictions that this will be a very big thing in the near future. Predictor has also predicted that by the end of the year 2020 the rate of one PI will increase to One dollar. And in 2025 the rate will increase to $5 to $8 and this will surely happen.
PI- The Future Cryptocurrency

The above picture is from the official PI app, where you can see the total Mining, Pioneer, Contributor, Ambassador and Node which is coming soon for computers. You can see the user has 4 members, two are active and two are inactive. which means combining all the percent in whole total user is mining in the rate of 0.53 PI per hour.


*In referrals code use Prakrit To Get an extra 25% Mining Rate.

How does cryptocurrency work?
Basically, you do not have to know about what and how actually cryptocurrency work. Cryptocurrency is like digital assets that you can exchange with money or goods through online. All the process is controlled by a computer algorithm and users, not by the government.
The transaction of cryptocurrency is done by a software name called cryptocurrency wallet.

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