Best 5 Herbal Species To Boost Up Immune System Instantly..

Best 5 Herbal Species To Boost Up Immune System Instant... With the increasing news of the Coronavirus outbreak, many people are concerned about their health. All of us should be very careful and take all the preventive measures so that we can protect ourselves from the flu, after all, "prevention is always better than cure". In this blog, I will be writing about the five spices which you can easily get in your kitchen or nearby grocery store. These items help to boost your immune system and helps to keep your body warm and fit during the cold season.

Ginger is known as folk medicine which is widely used in Ayurveda. The whole part of the plant can be used as a medicine for the cure of various diseases. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory herb which has antibacterial compounds that help to treat from infections, nausea, reduce the risk of diabetes, risk of cancer, heart disease, morning sickness and also used to lose weight and hair growth. There are many ways to consume ginger. You can find organic ginger tea in grocery stores or you can even make your own ginger tea at home by mixing it with honey. This is used while cooking foods as it helps in digestion and absorption as well. Also, you can simply boil it with water and drink it or eat raw.
Best 5 Herbal Species To Boost Up Immune System Instant..

Garlic, on the other hand, has its own specialities and is used in almost every delightful cuisine. With high nutrition and low calories, it can defeat common cold by 63%. As per the studies, it is found to be used as an alternative for many serious health conditions as reducing blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol level, reducing the risk of heart disease, hardening of the arteries, detoxifying heavy metals, minimizing bone loss and killing cancer cells. Many doctors and health professionals recommend eating garlic on a daily basis to be fit and live longer.
Best 5 Herbal Species To Boost Up Immune System Instant..

Turmeric is an active ingredient which brings joyful colour to your dish. It contains anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compounds which have multiple healing powers. It has traditional values of treating and is also used in preparing Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. Some of the benefits of turmeric are this increases antioxidant capacity in the body, decreases muscle damage, helps in proper brain functioning, controls cholesterol, hay fever, depression and premenstrual symptoms. A pinch of turmeric in milk is a quick recipe for strengthening your immune system. It is also used for beauty purposes to kill the dark pores and lighten the skin of your body.
Best 5 Herbal Species To Boost Up Immune System Instant..

Clove is an aromatic flower bud which is another best ingredient to boost your immune system. Clove is an antioxidant mineral-rich in fibre and vitamins. This helps to protect from the infections, kill bacteria, improves liver functions, reduces stomach ulcers and regulates blood sugar in the body. Cloves are also used as a quick remedy for a toothache and maintaining oral health. People highly use this spice while preparing meats, stews, soups, rice and sauces. You can simply put it while making tea or hot water and take various benefits of it.
Best 5 Herbal Species To Boost Up Immune System Instant..

Cinnamon is also another aromatic spice which is obtained from the inner bark of specific trees. This is used in dishes to give a sweet and savoury taste. Cinnamon is also rich in antioxidants properties which helps to prevent yourself from respiratory diseases, heart diseases, seasonal infections, reduce sugar level and fight against HIV. It also helps in the transportation of blood sugar to your blood cells for the smooth blood circulation process. You can also get Cinnamon sticks in the market which you can eat in raw or mix it in your dishes for delicious flavour.
Best 5 Herbal Species To Boost Up Immune System Instant..

The above five species can be used to fight against the increasing flu in this changing weather. Here, in Nepal, when we catch a cold, we boil water by mixing all the species mentioned above and drink it. The drink is known as "Kada". I have been drinking Kada twice a day (morning and before bedtime) during this epidemic to protect myself from the common cold and flu. You can also get ayurvedic supplement named "Chewanprash" in the market which is a cooked mixture of honey, herbs and above spices. Likewise, there are other foods like broccoli, citrus fruits, almonds, apple and others which helps to maintain your immunity. If you are getting bored and thinking of ideas to utilize the lockdown times and be productive, have a read to my other articles.

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