What To Do In Quarantine To Keep Body And Mind Positive?

What To Do In Quarantine To Keep Body And Mind Positive? The world is suffering hard from Coronavirus, people do not have any idea what will happen and what will they do. Each and every nation in the world are in a national emergency, they are planning and doing its best to stop and control CoronaVirus. Till now more than 150 plus countries confirm covid19 patients and they are in high alert. More than 1 million patients in quarantine and many of them are staying in self-quarantine. Your body and mind will be weak after you get positive results from covid19. Be calm and keep motivating yourself by saying "YES I WILL FIGHT AGAINST THIS SHIT". I will give you few ideas on how to keep your Mind, Body, and Soul calm and positive in quarantine.
What To Do In Quarantine To Keep Body And Mind Positive?

1) Yoga and Meditation:- This is one of the essential and compulsory things you have to do in quarantine or in your daily life. Yoga not only keeps your body and mind strong it also helps your body to work properly. It will reduce your body and mind stress by 95%  and helps you to stay calm and positive. You can also do meditation in peace for ten to twenty it will also help you to feel stress-free. There are different types of yoga for mind and body, among all I recommend prasarita padottanasana.

2) Musical Instrument:- After yoga, you can keep your mind busy by playing a musical instrument. Playing Musical Instruments like guitar and keyboard is the best and perfect way for you to keep your mind busy. You can play and take the fun from anything whatever you know just play and keep your mind busy for some time. If you don't know to play any musical instrument you can listen to the music that you like and feel stress-free. Do not think any negative at this time.

3) Play Indoor Game:- If You are alone you can play an online game without taking the stress, or if you have partner with you then you can play any indoor game like ludo, snake and stair, chess, table tennis, etc. Do not play any game of these indoor games for a long time, if you play for long it will make your body tired and weak. Play for fun not for pain.

4) Give Rest and Eat Healthy Food:- In this period of time, you have to manage your time perfectly. Do everything you want but never give your body stress and pain. Eat healthy food and take rest as much as you can. Change your dress daily and keep clean and use sanitizer regularly.

5) Drink warm and Stay Warm:-  The most important thing to do in quarantine is to keep your body warm. Drink warm water regularly and wear warm clothes as much as you can. If your body feels cold you will never get out of this coronavirus. so keep in mind that stay warm and react as normal, you are doing everything well.

6) You can use Mobile Phone:- Many of you are addicted to mobile phones. without the mobile phone, it is very hard to spend your time. you play games, surf social media and watch videos on it. Yes, this is the best time killer machine for human beings. But in quarantine everything is different you have to limit your time and you have to give rest to your eyes. Use it but not more than an hour, you can take a break after using an hour and than you can use it again. This will helps your eyes stress-free and tears free.

These are the thing you have to follow strictly while you are in Self-quarantine. Keep your mind busy and also take rest. Eat healthy food and keep your body warm.

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