Best High Protein Foods For GYM and Weight Loss

Best High Protein Foods For GYM and Weight Loss GYM is the place or home of fitness lovers where they give their 100% to keep their body in shape. People of all ages join GYM to be fit, fine and look slimmer and smarter. GYM and fitness center is the place where people go to lose their fats by lifting weights, doing exercise and workouts. You lift weights, do cardio and lots of exercises but do you have any idea about how many calories do you lose? Well, this is beyond our thinking. If you do exercise and lift weights without having or eating protein then, you will get weaker and weaker every day. Your body needs lots of protein while you do exercise to lose your body fats. There are lots of protein shakes and protein powder in the market which may have a  side effect on your body. However, you can get food that contains a good amount of protein at home which is healthier and helps to keep you energetic and fresh.
Best High Protein Foods For GYM and Weight Loss

In this blog, I will tell you about 5 best foods that give enough protein to keep you energized even after the GYM.

Eggs & Chickpeas:-
A maximum of two boiled eggs and 5 spoons of boiled chickpeas will give enough source of protein to your body. One egg contains 6 grams of protein and our body only needs fifty to sixty grams of protein daily. It depends on you how much you lost protein and how much you will need to fulfill.
High Protein Foods For GYM and Weight Loss

Chickpea with boiled egg will be a perfect match and these both are the high source of protein that your body needs before and after hard-workout and exercise.

Fish(Includes All Type):-
Another best source of protein is fish. You can eat any type of fish to get protein in your body. People, all around the world and of all ages love to taste and eat fishes like tuna and salmon. The fish contains 25 grams of protein in every 100 grams and this is enough amount that your body needs.

High Protein Foods For GYM and Weight Loss

Cook fish in olive oil to eat without fat. Fish contains a low amount of fats than other sources of protein. It will be best and tasty if you eat boiled fish with salt and pepper.

Oats are a grain that is rich in proteins and one of the healthier foods to eat before or after the GYM. Oats are termed as one of the healthiest grain from grains family. Oats help you to lose your weight as it contains nearly zero percent of fat but has high calories and fiber. 

High Protein Foods For GYM and Weight Loss

Oats with milk and chopped fruits like in the above picture will be the perfect source of protein. Eat oats, lose weights and stay healthier.

Almonds and Peanuts:-
Almonds and peanuts both have the same amount of protein and calories. They both are from a nuts family where peanuts grow in bush and almonds are grown in a tree. Almonds and peanuts contain a high amount of protein, fiber, and magnesium to eat. If you eat a balanced amount of almonds and peanuts it will provide you with enough amount of protein and many studies show they help to lose weight too.

High Protein Foods For GYM and Weight Loss

If you have a nut allergy please avoid eating almonds, because it may cause side effects like itching and rough skin

Broccoli is one of the healthiest green vegetables to eat which contains a huge amount of vitamins and proteins. Science has proved that broccoli contains bioactive nutrients that help to protect our body from cancer.

Best High Protein Foods For GYM and Weight Loss

Broccoli contains 3 grams of protein, far more protein than the other vegetables we eat. Boiled broccoli with little fresh cream is the best match. It helps to lose weight, keep you healthy and make your immune system strong.

These are the food and nuts that you can eat before and after the GYM that contains a very low amount of fat and high in protein and calories. These foods are also in the healthiest food list declared by the WHO. Eat healthy food, workout, stay fit, strong and in shape.

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