Fast And Easy Lunch And Breakfast In Quarantine

Fast And Easy Lunch And Breakfast In Quarantine... All we need for a good day is the best morning. There is a probe your morning shows your day so if we have a good morning than our day will be good and fantastic. To make our morning good we have to sleep and have a good and healthy breakfast. Today I will give you the best recipes that save your time with a healthy diet for breakfast and you can also eat this recipe for lunch.

well, the best and most used items for breakfast is an egg. 90 percent of the people from the whole world use eggs in their breakfast. Because the recipe with egg is easy and fast that saves you lots of time.  So here my best top recipes also include eggs lets start the recipes with point number one:-

1. Easy Egg Roll with Fresh Cream:-  Egg roll is one of the fast and tasty breakfasts which is served in most of the kitchen. To make this recipe we need two eggs, one onion, ginger, and garlic paste one tomato and cabbage if you want. Egg roll will be the best and easy in a non-stick pan. Mix your egg with a little salt and chilly powder and pour it on the pan and spread and make the thin layer as chapati than gently put all ingredients which are finely chopped and rolled the egg, your egg roll is ready now.
Fast And Easy Lunch And Breakfast In Quarantine

2. White Sauce Pasta:- After egg roll, white sauce pasta is another healthy fast and tasty recipe that is famous all over the world. As the name, we have to make a white sauce which is easy to make. First boil the pasta, while the pasta is boiling let's make a white sauce.
Fast And Easy Lunch And Breakfast In Quarantine
White Sauce Pasta
We need 4 cloves of finely chopped garlic, black piper powder, milk, fresh cream (optional), and salt as per taste. First fry finely chopped garlic until it changes to brown then pour milk and boiled and make little thick like cream. Put piper powder and then your pasta. Mix well and serve hot.

3. Bread Pizza Without Oven:- For this recipe, you need bread, veggies for topping, and good pizza cheese to make tasty and look great. You don't need an oven to make this recipe you need a frying pan and a bowl to cover it. First, take bread piece and spread tomato ketchup all over it and put some veggies. Put cheese all over the bread and put veggies at the top again. Make frying pan hot and make flame low and cover the pizza after putting it on the frying pan. leave it for 5 to 8 minutes your pizza will be ready.
Fast And Easy Lunch And Breakfast In Quarantine
Bread Pizza
4. Egg Sandwich:- This is simple and fast from all recipes that I mentioned above. You need 2 slices of bread one egg, tomato, onion, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Make a simple omelet with an egg and toast bread in the frying pan or in the toaster. After this spread a little bit of ketchup in the bread slices put tomato and onion slice on it. Put omelet and again chopped tomato and onion, spread. mayonnaise and ketchup, Your egg sandwich is ready to serve.
Fast And Easy Lunch And Breakfast In Quarantine
Egg Sandwich

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