Japan The Land of Hindu God's

Many Hindus and Japanese people didn't know how closely our god and religion is. There is not a very much difference between the Japanese and Hindus god that we worship daily in our home and temple. Our culture, religion and only name are different, we've different Temple with different gods, different religions in different places but in some cases, we are very similar to one another. Not all the Gods and Goddess but few are very similar to us and we are very close to them,
Tho Japan may be a Buddhist country they follows buddha path, there are few temples which are incredibly the same as Hinduism.
Few differences in structure, design, character, and difference in name expect these things they have similar power and duties. Most of them have the same kind of avatar and their duties were also identical. Here is that the possible list of all Japanese Gods which are kind of like Hindus...

1.Goddess Saraswati and Goddes Benzaiten:-
In Hindu Goddess, Saraswati worshipped for wisdom and knowledge or also know as enlighten of knowledge. Mainly students of all groups worship Goddess Saraswati to induce knowledge. On the opposite hand, Japanese worshipped goddess Benzaiten for everything that flows or have feelings to touch human, for example, it Includes love, water, word music, etc.

2.Lord Yama And Lord Emma- Ten:-
Lord Yama is additionally called "Yamaraj" who rides Buffalo with a big dangerous horn is Chef Judge afterlife and everybody needs to appear before Yama or Lord Emma-Ten. there's a belief that if we died Lord Yama will come to require us with Chitragupta's assistant of Yama with the file of our good work and all the sins, after all, he will choose what will be the best for you, show you the path of hell or heaven, it depends on your life on earth to present you punishment or send you to heaven. So walk in the path of truth and never do any sins which may affect you even after you die or even after your life. there's not any difference between these Hindu and Japanese Gods.

3. Goddess Lakshmi and Goddes Kichijo-Ten:-
Hindu worship goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. We Hindu celebrate Lakshmi Pooja after Nava Ratri with lots of colorful lights and decorations everywhere. We worship all our ornaments and money to form Goddess Lakshmi happy and Japanese too worship for fortune and prosperity which show there's not any difference between them.

4.God Brahma And God Bon-Ten:-
There is not any difference between these Gods. The creator of the planet and also the Brahma of Trimurti also know because of the creator of the Universe. Both represented with four faces and 4 arms and both were lords over the heavenly realm of rebirth called THE BRAHMALOKA.

5.Lord Indra And Lord Taishaku-Ten:-
In Hindu, Lord Indra is additionally called the god of rain and lightning. Mainly farmer worships God of Thunder or God of Rain after they need it, otherwise, everything is that the same God of lightning who have an Elephant and they are also chief among all the demigods.

6. Lord Ganesha and God Kangiten:-
In Japanese, they worship God Kangiten as a god of excellent fortune, the God who provides good luck and remover of difficulties and obstacles. In Hindu, they worship god Ganesha before starting anything thing good or in other words they worship permanently fortune and happiness. Shree Gan Ganpataya Namah is that the mantra that's used permanently fortune before any good work.

Language and culture are the sole things that differ from Hindus and Japanese, this implies we've lots of similarities between us. we must always respect every religion and culture, we all have red blood before all of those we must always follow and respect human religion because humanity is especially religion.

One Earth One Religion, Spread love not war.

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