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Free .np domain to build your own website

Get your .np Domain Free in Nepal. Hello, Good People from beautiful Nepal this blog is basically for Nepali readers. Who wants to earn online but did not want to spend money. Many of us paid a lot of money to buy Domain from any service provider, here we pay more than Eight Thousand to get our desired domain from a registered company and  Eight thousand is not a small amount of money to pay for us, we don't want to pay money for the domain. We have little money to invest in these type of stuff, we buy domain after we register we get limited data space for a single year. This much money for limited data and only for a single year?

Well, I have a solution for all of you, get your domain without paying a penny. Unlimited data and not expiry date of your domain. Register your and create your website for free.
Everything thing is free here for you and you are getting your domain without paying Zero penny.

Mercantile communication private limited is the leading IT company, in IT sectors they are best in this business and they are providing the best and free domain to everyone. The first and only thing you have to do is register on-site with the email address. Fill all the information they are asking. is the official website for .np domain registration of Mercantile. Now let's start the process of register
First of all, you have to open the link which is above after that, you will have to create account

After creating an account with your Gmail you will have to go in your Gmail to verify and click the verify link in your Gmail.
The second step is to apply for a domain by searching a suitable domain name for you. If the name is already taken by other users, here you have to search again with another name. A domain name should be valid and without www. and https:// on it.

After getting your domain name with the in the third step you have to give server name and personal information. Here you have to provide the primary and secondary server name which is very important and compulsory. Watch videos from YouTubes on how to get the server name and how it works. You will get a server name from which is a free and a very good and fast hosting site. After giving both server names, be sure you will host your domain from the same site otherwise, you have to request again to change the name server and which will take 24 hours.

In the fourth step where you have to give your personal and administrative information in detail. which includes your Name, Organization Name(not Important), Country  Name, your State, which City you live, post box, address, Email, and at last your mobile number. Each detail of your should be valid the same as your citizenship and clear if you give wrong information your registration process will be held and take more time. Be sure the information is correct and clear.

After filling up both Administrative and Technical contact form you have to save and continue for the next step.
The fourth step is very important and you have to be a hundred percent sure everything is correct. In this step of documentation where you have to upload a clear JPG image of your citizenship. After uploading both sides of citizenship you have to write a cover letter with a digital signature. This is an important step where your process may hold if the hostmaster found any doubt. Keep in mind that the scanned images are clear and the hostmaster can read easily. In a cover letter, you have to include your domain name and ask the hostmaster to approve your request. You have to keep very important one thing in mind, The cover letter should be very clear and written for what purpose you want domain you.

 Should have a valid purpose otherwise your request will be rejected. If everything goes perfectly and the document is submitted under terms and conditions it will take 24 hours to get approved. And after twenty-four hours you can check if your domain is approved or not on the same home page of Mercantile. You can edit DNS that you provide there if you want to change it in the future as your swish.

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